Bulldog Breakout: College Edition


Juniors touring Princeton University

Bulldog Breakout, an annual tradition at Riviera, is a week when students go on trips across the continental United States. Other grades stayed in one state, while the juniors traveled across the Northeast to explore potential colleges.

The trip began when both groups landed at JFK International Airport in New York City. After walking to the airport entrance, they met Jimbo, their tour guide for the entirety of the trip. After getting to know him, the juniors traveled to Connecticut for a Yale college tour. Then they went to New Jersey to check into their hotel. Former student, junior Sienna Fakiri admits that the only thing she would change about this day is the flights. “Obviously, it is easier said than done with how hectic booking flights are, but it would’ve been much better if we all were on the same flight. Especially since we couldn’t have a full Yale tour due to waiting for the second group of kids to arrive at the airport,” she said.

On the second day, students drove to Rutgers University and Princeton. In Delaware, they went to the Biden Convention Center. Following that, they returned to Maryland to bowl and rest at a different hotel.

On day three, the juniors drove to Georgetown University in Washington D.C. This was the favorite part of the trip for most students. Fakiri says, “You always hear about how awesome Georgetown is and how it is such a phenomenal school, but seeing the campus in person was just surreal. It is definitely a school that I have in mind.” They walked around, had the privilege of seeing the White House, and traveled to American University in Washington, D.C. They ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and explored the national mall before touring the Lincoln, Vietnam, and Korean War memorials. Junior Natasha Kaminsky’s favorite part was the cat cafe. “We just like sat. We didn’t even order food, we just sat there and all the cats would come to us. We would play with them, pet them, and yeah,” she said.

Their last day began with a George Washington University and University of Maryland tour. At the end of the tours, they parted ways with Jimbo, arrived at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and flew back to Miami.

Overall, the junior trip was an amazing experience and provided a nice break from the intense learning environment.