The Boys Basketball Season Off to a Successful Start


The Riviera Boys Basketball Team lines up behind their coaches

The Boy’s Basketball Team has won multiple titles and has accomplished important achievements for many years, such as last year’s district championship, regional championship, final four victory, and a state finals appearance. Many of the team’s players have gone on to play basketball in college, and the team has an array of highly talented players. The team is 7-1 this season and currently ranked second in the state of Florida.

Last season, the team lost by one point in the state finals to Florida State University High School, and this has inspired the boys to push even harder this year for that state championship. The boys worked hard all off-season to prepare for this year’s campaign, and Assistant Athletic Director Coach Gardy Brun is proud of the team’s progress. “We have a lot of new guys and to see them all buy into the program for that one common goal, which again is a state championship, it’s great. I think we are off to a great start. We are just getting better game by game.” Every player this season has been performing wonderfully, but one specific player has been excelling like no other.

Dante Allen has taken a huge jump from his freshman to sophomore year and is currently leading Miami-Dade in scoring at 28 points per game. Allen also leads the team in steals, rebounds, and field goal percentage. He likes the thrill of a high-level game, and recently proved this by scoring 29 points in the first half against Belen Jesuit. Allen has already been offered scholarships to Villanova, Michigan, Florida, Miami, Florida State, Memphis, and more. Brun says he has taken the initiative this season to lead this team in the hopes of winning it all.

Many students have noticed an increase in enthusiasm for the games this season. Last year, during more important games, Riviera hosted “blackouts” in which spectators dressed in black. This year, Riviera fans are getting more creative. Senior students have been setting a fun theme for each home game, including pajama night, western night, or luau night. Brun noted, “We love seeing such great camaraderie within our student body, and we think it’s really just good for the school. It brings a lot of pride.”

Speaking of pride, the Boy’s Basketball Team has been bringing pride to Riviera for years, and it’s at an all-time high this season. This charismatic team has put on a show at each game with an assortment of highlights, both individually and as a team, that have entertained everyone: spectators, coaches, and players alike.