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The Student News Site of Riviera Preparatory School

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The Student News Site of Riviera Preparatory School

The Riviera Press

The Student News Site of Riviera Preparatory School

The Riviera Press

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in front of the Montgomery state capital building.

How Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birth Chart Predicts His Success as a Leader

April Kelly, Writer January 17, 2024

I analyzed Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth chart for his birthday and Black History Month using's birth chart calculator. Many people dismiss astrology simply because they don't relate...

AP Students laugh and converse amidst a challenging lesson in Ms. Oteros AP Seminar class.

Is AP Worth It?

April Kelly, Writer November 28, 2023

College Board reports that nearly 1.2 million students took Advanced Placement, or AP, exams in 2022.  While AP exams are commonly integrated into high school routines, they are met with mixed feelings....

The BioMed classrooms front door displays the creativity and fun nature of the class.

Exploring Electives

Sofia Bordas, Marketing Editor November 14, 2023

Every student knows the feeling of that dreaded day in May for the Course Selection Seminar. The impending pressure of three check marks can determine the future. To alleviate this stress, check out the...

Stock image of coffee mugs and laptops on a table.

Studying Do’s and Don’ts

Sydney Zanca, Writer April 28, 2023

As the school year comes to a close, teachers and students are preparing for finals and AP exams. Around this time, students spend more time studying and reviewing a year's worth of material to raise their...

How is A.I. Technology Impacting the Future?

How is A.I. Technology Impacting the Future?

Sarah Babitz, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2023

On Nov. 30, 2022, tech startup OpenAI launched an artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology known as ChatGPT, which emulates human language to produce forms of writing such as essays, articles, and even...

Cabins pose with their CITs; Photograph by cabins camp counselor

Bulldog Breakout: Camp Kulaqua Edition

Sarah Acra, Co-Editor in Chief March 10, 2023

While our high schoolers were scattered across the U.S. for Bulldog Breakout Week, middle school enjoyed a peaceful trip to the woods of north Florida. At Camp Kulaqua, students in Grades 6-8 were divided...

A couple kissing at the ball and chain in Miami

Top 5 Best Budgeted Date Ideas in Miami

Spring break is an opportune time for students to ask a special someone to go on a romantic outing. Romantic dinners can be expensive and difficult to plan, but there are so many places around Miami for...

Wall surounding tree at the center of Riviera Prep Schools courtyard

Why the Wall?

Jaida Lewin, Staff Writer February 8, 2023

It's human nature to question everything. Look for answers to the things that don't make sense, and in this case, wonder why something was created. At our school, many students question why a wall with...

Tens of students line up outside the lunch room

Schedule Change Leads to Longer Lunch Lines: Was it a Bad Idea?

Cristina Mascarua, Content Editor December 1, 2022

Riviera’s returning students notice conflicting schedules, including shorter lunches and longer lines. The move upset students, as the majority agreed last year’s schedule was better. Eighth-grader...

Front: Valentina Gomez; Back: Marcos Ortega

Top 5 Study Spots at the Riv

Sarah Babitz, Alexander Serrano, and Zaina Abusad December 1, 2022

Around 650 middle and high school students go to Riviera Preparatory School. Inevitably, it can get loud outside of the classroom. Students who want to be as productive as possible have set aside a few...

Snowman Cookie & Peppermint Mocha

Top 5 Starbucks Holiday Favorites

Sofia Bordas, Marketing Editor November 17, 2022

As the spooky season has ended, people are trading their pumpkins for snowflakes. With this comes an important decision. No, not figuring out what gifts to buy for your loved ones, but deciding what Starbucks...

Album Review: Midnights by Taylor Swift

Album Review: Midnights by Taylor Swift

Sarah Babitz and Alexander Serrano November 11, 2022

History was made on Oct. 31 when ten of Taylor Swift’s songs from her new album Midnights swept all ten spots on the Billboard Hot 100 top ten list. It’s safe to say Swift was onto something...

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