Where Are Our Bulldogs Headed For Winter Break?


Photography by Pixbay

With winter break coming up, our Bulldogs will travel over the holidays to spend time with their families and visit new places. Students at Riviera travel worldwide, but where are most of them headed? After surveying responses from over 200 students, here are the top 5 vacation sites this holiday season: 


1. Miami, Florida

One-fourth of our Bulldogs are staying in Miami. Although many enjoy traveling, some prefer to stay home during this time of year. Miami is a great place to spend the break. There are various things to do, especially for those who don’t favor the cold. There are beaches to enjoy year-round as well as the city spark Miami is known for.


2. New York City, New York

About 8% of our students will be spending the holidays in New York City. With colorful lights and many celebrations, New York glistens during the holidays. From ice skating in Central Park to watching the Times Square Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve, the activities in New York City are endless. Apart from that, the city has the perfect winter weather—a nice change from Miami’s tropical climate.


3. Europe

Around another 8% of our Bulldogs are heading to Europe, with 60% of them going to Spain. It is a favorite holiday destination due to its rich culture, including celebrations, nightlife, and food. Winter is also the time for festivals and light shows like Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, the well-known Scottish New Years’ celebration, or the Up Helly Aa in Scotland, another Scottish tradition known for using fire. The weather during this season varies from 32 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit, and snow falls from December to April. Bulldogs, make sure to bring your winter coats and stay warm!


4. Canada

Four percent of the student population is headed to Canada, with the majority looking to Montreal as their destination. Canada is a great place to visit during the winter due to its many activities, like snowboarding and ice skating. Many people also like visiting the frozen Niagra Falls or attending the Winterlude. The weather can range from 5 to -22 degrees Fahrenheit!

5. Mexico

Approximately 3.5% of our Bulldogs are visiting Mexico during the break. Unsurprisingly, Mexico gets the most tourists in December due to its warm, dry weather, so make sure to prepare for crowded streets and booked hotels. Mexican citizens also celebrate many Christmas traditions, like knocking on doors to sing Spanish carols or lighting Bengals on Christmas Eve.


From staying home in Miami to visiting foreign places like Afghanistan and Japan, we hope our Bulldogs will have a great time during the holidays and tell us all about it when they’re back.