Meet the Clubs


Alejandra Lopez (12) hugs a tree with the Environmental Club logo. (Yilena Sanchez)

Riviera offers an assortment of fun and exciting clubs for its students. Whether you want to tap into your artistic side, give back to the community, or just have fun after school, there is something for everyone at one of these after-school clubs.

Pottery Club:

The Pottery Club has its meetings on Mondays, and it is sponsored by Ms. Horne in room 221. She started the club because students wanted to use the wheel and practice their pottery skills, and she wanted to give them the opportunity to do so on their own time. “It’s more independent than the class, I let students use the wheel, and if they want to do something different, I’ll let them.”


CLASS 2604 Greek Mythology - Courses & Programs - Courses for Credit

The Mythology Club explores all different types of mythology, mainly focusing on Greek and Roman mythology. Ms. Crater, the sponsor of the club, tries to switch it up, saying that she’s “included brief deviations from the regular curriculum, like the mythology behind the Chinese Zodiac.” The club is primarily student-run, and the regular attendees do not receive extra work for being members of the club. Their meetings are on Mondays after school in room C202.


Environmental Club:

Mrs. Sanchez started the Environmental Club this year to spread her passion for the environment to Riviera. Participants learn about environmental conservation through hands-on experiments and presentations. The club’s goal is to encourage environmental stewardship and to develop leadership in students. Mrs. Sanchez believes the club “is a good extracurricular activity that helps not only the community, but it also helps the kids understand how to help their community.” Their meetings are on Thursdays in room 207.


RPG/Strategic Games Club:

Millennials are driving the board games revival

Mr. Garcia is the sponsor of the RPG/Strategic Games Club, which has its meetings on Fridays in room 119. He started the club to spread his love for different types of games. Students get to play board games, card games, dice games, and role-playing games. Mr. Garcia believes that role-playing games are an excellent way to expand one’s imagination and take part in an adventure with a different persona.


Riviera’s wide array of clubs ensures that everyone finds an after-school activity they can look forward to and enjoy. It’s never too late to join, so feel free to stop by any of these clubs’ meetings and become a member!