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TikTok has recently become one of the most popular social media apps with over 1 billion monthly average users. Trends are aways coming and going which makes it hard to keep up. Check out this months top five trends.

“Proof that not everything can be an album cover”

In this trend, creators attempt to prove that not everything can be an album cover. They achieve this by inserting their worst photos into a CapCut template, with the sound “Money” by The Drums playing in the background. There is also a new filter that allows you to take photos as you film, creating photos for the cover. It is a play on the past trend of “proof that everything can be an album cover.” It’s obvious some people don’t understand the trend as they continue to put the most album-cover photos ever!

Proof that not everything can be an album cover


“Dumb ways to die”

Tik Tok users are constantly participating in dangerous, even fatal, events and, of course, recording themselves doing it. In this trend, they use said video and pause it right before the climax of the action. For example, if a person was standing on a chair and then fell off he/she would stop the video as they are mid-air from falling off. When the pause occurs, the sound lines up to the video by saying “dumb ways to die” (creators often add these words in cool fonts on the screen). You can find comments like “good thing the video stopped, that was going to be bad” that make the trend even funnier.

Dumb ways to die


“GRWM” or “Get ready with me”

While this trend has been popular for quite some time, it is gaining even more popularity in the past few months of 2023. Participants record themselves getting ready for an event of some kind. Some play songs in the background, while others talk to the camera discussing what they’re doing, where they are going/getting ready for, or even fun facts about themselves. Viewers find themselves learning about more beauty products and skin care, what they should change/add in their own routine, and more about the creators themselves.



“Alix Earle”

Alix Earle is the latest ‘it girl’ on Tik Tok. In the past month, she has gained 2 million followers and is predicted to gain millions more. She became popular because of her openness to her acne journey, empowering those with acne all over the world. In addition, because of her GRWMs she has influenced brands’ reputations/popularity massively (like Drunk Elephant and NYX). Viewers like to watch her daily life as a college student at the University of Miami, her brand trips, parties, and sorority experiences. She is watched closely as many question how she gained popularity in such a short amount of time, how long it will last, and if she deserves it.

Alix Earle


“Drake Cakes”

The Drake cakes are the latest baking trend on Tik Tok. Users with all different types of baking backgrounds attempt to make a cake that looks like singer Aubrey Drake Graham. It’s funny to see the messy outcomes and judge how good or bad it looks.

Drake Cakes


Stay tuned for next months trends. Let us know which one is your favorite and if we missed any.

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