Meet the Clubs: Part 2


Miriam Delgado

The Riviera Drumline performing at the 2022 Riviera Winter Showcase

Riviera offers an assortment of fun and interesting clubs for its students. Whether you want to tap into your artistic side, give back to the community, or just have fun after school, there is something for everyone at one of these after-school clubs. Here are five more clubs that might suit your interests.

After learning a new sequence, Isabella Morales Lopez (10) laughs with one of her fellow bass drummers. (Louis Leibowitz)


Drumline meets every Wednesday in room 221. This club is open to all middle and high school students. Riviera’s Drumline is made up of three different drums: snare, bass, and tenors. Junior Timothy Mojena said, “The Bass adds a very basy effect to the line. Tenors add most of the melody to most of the cadences. Snares add a very march feel to it.” Every week, this club meets to learn proper drum techniques and cadence pieces to perform as a group. If you have any interest in playing drums in the future or learning a new instrument, this is the club to try.

Jazz Band instructor Mr. Paz shows Justin Castaneda (6) how to play the clarinet. (Miriam Delgado)

Jazz Band

Jazz Band meets every Thursday in room 221. This club is open to all middle and high school students who are interested in learning a new instrument such as the guitar, saxophone, drumset, or bass. Every week, this club meets to play these instruments as a group and learn new pieces to perform at school showcases. Seventh grader Patrick Castaneda said, “I recommend practicing an instrument before joining, and if you want to join, I really recommend it because it is a lot of fun.” If you are interested in playing an instrument, being part of the jazz band, or just learning a new instrument with a group, this club is for you.


The Geography Club was started by Mr. Garcia and is currently run by Ms. Arce. The club recently attended the Geography Bee Competition, winning 2nd place out of 12 schools. During the meetings, participants practice their geography skills by answering trivia questions from geography games like Trivial Pursuit. For example, what is the longest city name in the world? Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales!

The club has its meetings on Monday in room 117.

Give With Love Logo

Give With Love

Give With Love has its meetings on Thursday in room 214. The club was started by a Riviera graduate, Aidala Pomajevich. She felt that there was a need to share love and positive messages with students, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak when she started the club. Give With Love was originally called Aidala’s Angels and was not a school operated club until Mrs. Carballo and Daniella Flores, last year’s club president and Riviera graduate, respectively, worked together to bring the club to the school. Give With Love spreads joy through handwritten birthday cards that students, staff, and administration receive on their birthdays. They also celebrate holidays with fun events and activities. This year, Give With Love brought Riviera a special Valentine’s Day, hosting a bake sale with music. Mrs. Carballo hopes to continue spreading love around the school and plans to do even more next year.

Model UN

Mrs. Martinez is the moderator of Model UN, which meets on Thursday in room 251. Students in Model UN serve as delegates for different countries, and they work within committees to propose solutions to real-world problems discussed in the United Nations. Model UN helps develop students’ teamwork and debating skills. This year, they have gone to two conventions at the University of Miami and Miami Dade North, meeting with other schools to debate different topics such as the environment, climate change, and other concerns. Mrs. Martinez would like to extend an invitation to 8th graders interested in joining next year so that they can start training early. You can reach her at [email protected].