Get To Know Your New ’23-’24 Student Government Board 


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Photograph by TIME “This Is the Story Behind Your ‘I Voted’ Sticker”

Sarah Acra and Sarah Babitz

During campaign week, a new group of student government officers is elected each year at Riviera. From glasses to bracelets, prospective officers pass out merchandise to students to gain spirit and appeal to the student body. Students deliver their speeches at the end of the week, and formal elections begin. Below are the newly elected student government officers for the 2023-2024 school year.

To get to know your new student government officers better, we asked them fun facts about themselves that Bulldogs may not have otherwise known.

Audrey Pena, President

As president, Pena plans to incorporate more outdoor activities into student life besides field day, like having food trucks during lunch. Pena shows her Bulldog pride by supporting her classmates during sporting events, including baseball and basketball games. She has also choreographed and danced in Spirit Week events like the lip sync battle. A fun fact about her is that she is a black belt in Taekwondo. When asked about her reaction to winning, she said she was happy and shocked, saying, “I really wanted it.”


Diego Cuellar, Vice President

Vice President Diego Cuellar plans to “bring this Bulldog community together [and] give more sports equipment to middle and high school lunches.” He wants his fellow Bulldogs to know that he used to live in Brazil, so he understands the struggles that come with adjusting to a new environment. Cuellar is here for his younger and new Bulldogs, who are adjusting to changes. When asked about his reaction to winning, he said, “I was very excited and happy that I got to be a part of SGA for the following year.”


Luciana Ossa, Secretary

Ossa plans to unite her senior class by bringing more school spirit. Although she expected to run unopposed, she was excited when she got the position. She wants her Bulldogs to know, “I started an organization that I’m picking up clothes to donate to poor people in Colombia.”





Daniel Klugger, Treasurer

As treasurer, Klugger is excited to work with his SGA counterparts to bring the Bulldogs an exciting and spirited school year. When asked how he feels about winning, Klugger said, “I was at the dentist! I was pretty excited, but I figured I would win because I didn’t run against anyone.” A fun fact about him is that he is building a go-kart out of a shopping cart.

After speaking with each of these new officers, we are sure they will do an amazing job as next year’s SGA Board, and we are excited to see what special events and activities the year holds.