Don’t Be Nervous, Help Is Here


Sofia Bordas

Ms. Martinez helping Zoe Gort with college applications

Counselors do a lot for students: craft their ideal schedule, offer additional study resources, give college advice, or just talk one-on-one. The prep campus has four counselors as well as a Director of Counseling. One of these incredible counselors is Caridad Martinez.

This is Martinez’s second year counseling Riviera’s middle and high school students. She claims it is a perfect match for her. “In high school, my aptitude test (…) for career exploration actually said you should be a teacher, counselor, social worker, and I thought they were crazy, and they were right, this is the right place for me,” said Martinez.

Previously, she taught elementary, middle school, and high school math. Overall, Martinez loves working at Riviera and is extremely happy with her students. “It’s a lot to keep moving, but I love it. I can’t stand a job where you just kinda sit alone all day. I can’t do that, and there is something new every day. Yeah, it’s perfect for me,” said Martinez.

Recently, one of her students submitted his first college application; He was so excited that he decided to record the moment. One of the most rewarding parts of her job is seeing students start a new chapter. Although she puts in hard work daily to help her students succeed, she claims that’s not what makes her job special. “We are like coaches … but at the end of the day, it’s their work, so it’s not proud of things you have done, it is really how far they have come, and how they have grown throughout the process,” said Martinez.

Martinez advises students who are struggling in a class or are overwhelmed with the workload to talk with a counselor. They suggest you get help from members of the National Honor Society or go to tutoring sessions with teachers after school. In addition, Martinez believes the best way to ensure academic success is through the “buddy review system”. In other words, find a buddy in class, not necessarily a friend, and compare notes as a means of studying.

Counselors like Martinez are approachable, passionate about their jobs, and have the student’s best interests at heart. So don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help!