Everything You Need To Know About The World Cup 2022


Korea vs. Uruguay FIFA Match; Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Official Photographer: Heo Manjin

Louis Leibowitz, Content Editor

This year, the World Cup returned to a new location, the desert country of Qatar. The World Cup features 32 teams from each of FIFA’s qualifying regions every four years. These regions are CONCACAF (The Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Association Football), UEFA (The Union of European Football Associations), CAF (The Confederation of African Football), AFC (The Asian Football Conference), CONMEBOL (The South American Football Conference), and OFC (The Oceania Football Conference). After qualifying for the tournament, countries split up into one of eight World Cup groups. Except for UEFA, groups are formed based on FIFA rankings, and no team from the same qualifying zone can be in the same group. After this, each team plays once against everyone in their respective group. The top two teams from each group move on to the next round based on how many points they got from wins, losses, and ties. Teams then advance to the round of 16, quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals in a single elimination tournament to determine the World Champion.

The following are the groups for this year’s World Cup, as well as their world rankings:

(All Rankings according to fifa.com)


Qatar- #50

Ecuador- #44

Senegal- #18

Netherlands- #8

Teams that advanced: Netherlands, Senegal


England- #5

USA- #16

Wales- #19

Iran- #20

Teams that advanced: England, USA


Argentina- #3

Mexico- #13

Poland- #26

Saudi Arabia- #51

Teams that advanced: Argentina, Poland


France- #4

Denmark- #10

Australia- #38

Tunisia- #30

Teams that advanced: France, Australia


Germany- #11

Spain- #7

Japan- #24

Costa Rica- #31

Teams that advanced: Spain, Japan


Belgium- #2 

Canada- #41

Croatia- #12

Morocco- #22

Teams that advanced: Morocco, Croatia


Brazil- #1

Serbia- #21

Switzerland- #15

Cameroon- #43

Teams that advanced: Brazil, Switzerland


Portugal- #9

Ghana- #61

Uruguay- #14

South Korea- #28

Teams that advanced: Portugal, South Korea

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