Introducing The Riviera Press ’22-’23 Staff


Miriam Delgado

The Riviera Press staff of 2022-2023

Sarah Babitz and Sarah Acra

This school year, Riviera Prep introduced a new course for students interested in publications, Multimedia Journalism. For the past few months, the class has been working toward launching Riviera’s first-ever digital newspaper: The Riviera Press. Curious about the Bulldogs behind your news? Each student holds a specific staff position and is responsible for a different aspect of the production process. Let’s get to meet the writers and editors!


Sarah Acra Profile
Sarah A.

Sarah Acra, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Acra is a junior and Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Riviera Press. Alongside her other Co-Editor-in-Chief, Sarah mentors staff members, manages headlines, reviews and edits articles, and writes for the paper. A prospective medical student, Sarah tutors high school biology and interns at a veterinary clinic after school. Bringing her love for the seasons to the newspaper, Sarah enjoys publishing holiday-related content.



Sarah Babitz Profile
Sarah B.

Sarah Babitz, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Sarah Babitz is a senior and Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Riviera Press. As an aspiring English major, Sarah is excited to share her passion for language with the staff. Besides writing for the newspaper, she is a scriptwriter for Riviera Live and Vice President of the National English Honor Society. In her free time, Sarah enjoys going to the gym and listening to music. 



Manny Eberwein Profile
Manny E.

Manny Eberwein, Managing Editor 

Emmanuelle “Manny” Eberwein is a sophomore and Managing Editor for The Riviera Press. She and her sister founded a non-profit organization called “Look Out World,” supplying secondhand eyeglasses to people who live in impoverished areas around the Caribbean. When she isn’t writing for the paper or working on her non-profit, Manny enjoys spending time with family and friends.



Sienna Fakiri Profile
Sienna F.

Sienna Fakiri, Managing Editor

Sienna Fakiri is a junior and the Managing Editor of The Riviera Press. After spending her summers at a sailing camp, Sienna fell in love with the sport and now races competitively at Coconut Grove Sailing Club. She is also responsible for putting together presentations, organizing events, and planning meeting activities as Vice President of Riviera’s Marine Conservation Club.




Sofia Bordas Profile
Sofia B.

Sofia Bordas, Marketing Manager 

Sofia Bordas is a freshman and the Marketing Manager for The Riviera Press. Sofia has taken initiative to promote the paper through social media, creating an Instagram page to make updates more accessible to students. Outside of journalism, Sofia plays volleyball and volunteers at Care Closet, a clothing and food drive. She enjoys being by the water, whether it be on the beach or on a boat. 



Isabel Dileep Thomas Profile
Isabel D. T.

Isabel Dileep Thomas, Staff Writer 

Isabel Dileep Thomas is a freshman and Staff Writer for The Riviera Press. Having moved from London this year, Isabel is excited to be a part of the Multimedia Journalism staff and looks forward to improving her writing as the year progresses. In her free time, Isabel enjoys reading and fencing, after having spent a year learning the art of the sport.




Eva Falla Profile
Eva F.

Eva Falla, Assistant Art Director 

Eva Falla is a freshman and the Assistant Art Director of The Riviera Press. Eva enjoys photography, playing guitar, traveling, and visual arts. Bringing her love of photography to the newspaper, Eva oversees all photos and graphics before publication.




Alexander Serrano Profile
Alexander S.

Alexander Serrano, Staff Writer

Alexander Serrano is a junior and Website Manager for The Riviera Press. Apart from writing articles, Alex is an editor for Riviera Live, where he edits segments for the daily broadcast. He enjoys singing, reading, and playing instruments. A lover of theater, Alex is excited to be in Riviera’s production of The Little Mermaid this year.



Sydney Zanca Profile
Sydney Z.

Sydney Zanca, Staff Writer 

Sydney Zanca is a sophomore and Staff Writer for The Riviera Press. Besides writing for the newspaper, Sydney plays volleyball for Riviera’s varsity team and for Tribe outside of school. She enjoys art and spends much of her free time sketching. 




Louis Lebowitz Profile
Louis L.

Louis Leibowitz, Content Editor 

Louis Leibowitz is a junior and the Content Editor of The Riviera Press. An aspiring sports journalist, Louis is excited to be managing sports coverage for the newspaper. Outside of journalism, he enjoys practicing Taekwondo and recently received his black belt. 




Zaina Profile
Zaina A.

Zaina Abusad, Staff Writer 

Zaina Abusad is a freshman and Staff Writer for The Riviera Press. Zaina also plays volleyball for the Riviera Junior Varsity team and, in her free time, she plays soccer. Outside of school, she enjoys playing the drums and has been doing so for six years. 


Katalina Profile
Katalina K.



Katalina Kaminsky, Staff Writer 

Katalina Kaminsky is a freshman and Staff Writer for The Riviera Press. In her free time, Katalina likes hanging out with friends and playing tennis. She also enjoys taking trips and traveling to new places. 



Mia Duran Profile
Mia D.

Mia Duran, Copy Chief 

Mia Duran is a junior and the Copy Chief of The Riviera Press. As Copy Chief, Mia approves of all headlines and ensures that stories utilize AP style. Outside the newsroom, she has been playing the piano for eight years and the guitar for over two years. 




Jaida Lewin Profile
Jaida L.

Jaida Lewin, Staff Writer 

Jaida Lewin is a freshman and Staff Writer for The Riviera Press. Jaida is excited to be publishing stories for the website and enjoys bringing people’s words to life. Jaida also plays volleyball for Riviera’s Junior Varsity team and for the Miami Hype Club team. In her free time, she enjoys binging Gilmore Girls with her mom. 



Paloma Mariategui Profile
Paloma M.

Paloma Mariategui, Staff Writer 

Paloma Mariategui is a senior and Staff Writer for The Riviera Press. A lover of all things theater, Paloma has been involved in several plays and musicals. She even took part in writing the 2022 senior skit. In her free time, she writes plays and runs a community service project teaching underprivileged kids about theater. 




Cristina Profile
Cristina M.

Cristina Mascarua, Content Editor 

Cristina Mascarua is a freshman and the Content Editor of The Riviera Press. Outside of journalism, Cristina is one of two girls’ Varsity Basketball team captains as well as a member of the volleyball team. As a means of expressing her creativity, she enjoys ceramics and has been practicing the skill for the past two years.